You want a quality book that’s engaging and ready for publishing. Yet it’s easy for fear, confusion, and life to get in the way of your book dreams. That’s why I strive to be your partner from beginning to end, so you have the book you want for lifetimes to come.

If you’re stuck on choosing a publishing path, writing a professional book proposal, developing a marketing strategy, or you want some guidance along the way, I offer a variety of services to help you succeed in today’s literary marketplace.

Too many titles end up lost in the mass of online e-books, or worse yet, sit in a drawer never finished at all.

I want your book to reach its full potential and full readership.

Whether you’re writing a memoir for your family or the world, a spiritual or self-help title, or even an epic fantasy, the idea that’s been bouncing around your head for years deserves serious consideration. I can guide your manuscript to the finish line with special training and experience in book writing, editing, and the publishing industry.

As a ghostwriter I develop your concepts into a viable manuscript by taking your ideas or written materials, forming a practical structure, writing each chapter in flowing prose using your voice, and editing for drive and clarity.

You have the final say on everything I do. I never ask for credits or royalties because the final manuscript is your literary property—you keep all rights and future profits.

I’m here to answer questions and help you move forward with confidence! Feel free to contact me and request a free consultation with no obligation.


“Not everyone has such a deft hand at supporting authors. Andrea’s Analysis was not only extremely helpful, but more comprehensive than I expected. I appreciated her tactful and insightful treatment of a rather sensitive subject. Seeing my work through her eyes was deeply validating and encouraging, inspiring a greater appreciation of my own efforts. The numerous practical suggestions she shared, many of which I would never have noticed had she not pointed them out, are sure to improve my book’s content and structure for greater effect and benefit to the reader. Thank you so much!” –J.B., survivor memoir

“I highly recommend Andrea Kuhlman’s services. She is reliable and committed to bringing out the best in her authors. Thanks to her extensive training in ghostwriting, she knows how to manage all the details of book publishing. Andrea is a trusted colleague who has provided me with expert and valuable feedback. She’s also a very kind person and a pleasure to work with. I am confident in recommending her to help you successfully complete your book or other writing project.” –Sunny Cook, memoir writer

“Andrea is a gifted Professional Editor, who is very informative about the writing, publishing, and marketing process. She’s creative and gives you honest feedback, and is skillful in taking words and making them shine without losing the essence of what the author wants to say. I highly recommend her services.–C.M. Stribling, author of 10 Principles to Outlast Your Enemy

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