I provide the following services to help authors like you succeed in today’s competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.

Ghostwriting: You’re not a writer, or you lack the time (or a host of other reasons). I capture your ideas from interviews and/or notes, mold each section and chapter with your guidance and feedback, and prepare the final manuscript for the publishing process of your choice. For more information, visit my page “How Ghostwriting Works.”

Manuscript Review (Analysis & Recommendations): If you have a draft but aren’t sure what it needs, an Analysis and Recommendations (A&R) will point you in the right direction. An A&R is a thorough report detailing what your manuscript actually says to a cold reader, the depth of its potential in various markets, its strongest selling points, and its biggest weaknesses and exactly how to overcome them.

Book Proposal and/or Fiction Synopsis: You tell me about your nonfiction or fiction book and publishing goals, and I create a professional, industry-standard book proposal package and/or fiction synopsis. The book proposal package includes an overview of the work, an industry market analysis, a competitive-title review, your bio, your promotion plan, a chapter-by-chapter summary, and approximately 30 sample pages (2-3 chapters). A synopsis relates your entire story, including the ending, in submission-standard format and style.

Bestseller Marketing Plan: Most publishers today want authors to have a platform before they even consider your manuscript, and a marketing plan is especially crucial if you’re self-publishing. You tell me about your book and publishing goals, and I create a comprehensive bestseller strategy you can easily follow. This plan includes a comprehensive list of promotion steps, distribution channels, media contact information, author interview questions and answers, and more.

Publishing Plan: With a host of options to choose from, which publishing option is the best for your manuscript? I research and provide a broad list of publishing options ideal for your title, including a list of potential publishers or agents, their contact information, guidelines on how to approach them, and more.

Author Coaching: Writing is a solitary endeavor and it’s valuable to have help along the way. I’ll guide you with writing and publishing advice for your particular title, review your material, keep you on track, and help you make decisions. You can decide how often we talk, and you can start and stop whenever you want.

Editing: For book editing (developmental editing or copyediting) I will review your manuscript and help you either structure your material or enhance flow, or both. This can be charged hourly or by project.

Transcription Service: Transcribing an audio or video file onto paper is incredibly time consuming. If you have interviews or other audio/visual files you need transcribed word for word, I’ve honed this skill by transcribing countless interviews for authors’ books. Contact me to learn more.

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